Package 1: London Eye, Meal and Book, Adults:£38.00pp, Children: £16.95pp

£Adults: £38.00 Children: £16.95

From the very top of the Eye you can nearly see your meal being prepared at Porters, well you could if the Houses of Parliament, The Thames, Downing Street, Buckingham Palace and Alexandra Palace weren't such a pleasant distraction!

The Eye is only a 15 minute stroll away from Porters.

The London Eye has become, quite literally, the way the world sees London. It is one of the most spectacular and popular attractions in the world, drawing visitors from far and wide. Its success is unquestionable, as is its popularity with tourists and Londoners alike. It is one of London's few attractions that enjoys a significant portion of repeat business, say no more.

Porters English Restaurant is famous for serving excellent homemade real English food, best sellers include Steak, Guinness and Mushroom Pie, Wild Boar and Sage Sausages, Salmon and Prawn Fish Cakes, not to mention wonderfully calorific puddings like Steamed Syrup Sponge and Spotted Dick. Three courses from Porters a-la-carte (excluding fillet steak) are included in the price.

How To Book

Select the date you would like to Fly on the Eye and Dine at Porters, then
pay online using the secure system.
You will receive an email receipt for your package.
Once you have received this receipt please telephone or email Porters with your meal time.
During the course of your meal you will be handed the tickets to the London
Eye. With our tickets there is no need to pre-book a flight time or exchange

*** Children between 4 and 15 years of age the price includes a main course
from the Children's menu. Children who want to choose from the grown-ups
menu and have 2 courses pay a £10 supplement, (payable to Porters on the
day) Children under 4 free.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I eat at any time?
    Yes, just call 020 7836 6466 or email to book your table.
  • Can I fly before I dine at Porters? Can I eat at Porters then fly?
    Of course, either way is fine with us and The London Eye. You will need to pop into Porters to collect the tickets if you decide to fly first though.
  • What does the meal include?
    Three courses from Porters 'a la carte menu' (excluding fillet steak)
  • How long does the cruise last?
    40 minutes, unless the skipper gets carried away and heads out to sea!
  • How long does the flight last ?
    As with all London Eye flights, you enjoy a half hour 'spin' on the wheel.
  • What if some people in our party want to dine, but not fly, can you do that?
    Certainly, we're very flexible. Book the package for the number of people who want to do both. Then contact Porters by phone or e-mail to add the number of people who want to just eat.
  • Does this package work, is it good?
    We're delighted to say yes, very well. We've thousands of past customers who have booked and enjoyed this package.
  • What if this helpful list hasn't answered my question?
    Just drop me a line, or call 020 7836 6466.

I'd like to order Package 1: London Eye, Meal and Book, Adults:£38.00pp, Children: £16.95pp Adults: 38.00 Children: 16.95