About Us

We are not a large or even a medium sized business, we are a small firm with a massive history, we’ve been restaurateurs since 1979 and we genuinely love what we do and how we go about doing it.

In January 2015 we sadly sold our Porters restaurant in Covent Garden which had traded successfully for nearly 36 years as the owner of the property wanted to redevelop the building.

We had a decision to make, take the money and run or find a new permanent home for our much loved restaurant. After looking at 50 odd potential sites in and around London we stumbled upon this wonderful high street location in the equally lovely historic, leafy market town that is Berkhamsted. The decision to do it all again – because we love what we do was made a lot more straightforward.

Richard Bradford, the founder of Porters and Chairman of the company, his wife Penny and Neil the M.D are the only three directors. All are, without any exaggeration passionate about exceeding our customers expectations and becoming part of the local community and finally having some fun while achieving this.

We never take our customers for granted, never, ever.

We always go the extra mile to ensure that from a cup of tea, a lunchtime snack or a full blown three course dinner Porters always hits the very centre of the bullseye.